Monday, March 21, 2011

savory sunday

my brother's friends know me as the girl who can bake stuff. and my family knows i can cook. as a matter of fact, i remember i impressed my mom once when i was able to make the perfect crispy garlic topping for her arroz caldo.

i don't know if its cause i eventually got busy with work, or because we stopped getting regular water in bf but i stopped cooking. so friends i made recently all think i'm this girl who doesn't know her way around the kitchen and who relies on fast food to survive.

but i'm not that kind of girl, not at all.

in fact, i love to cook. i grew up trying to cook my way through all the recipes in cooking it up with nora. saturday mornings were spent watching nora daza on tv.

so maybe it's cause of all those seasons of top chef that i've watched. or the fact that we now have water 24/7 in bf. or cause i'm nesting. but i've taken up cooking again.

{boiling water for the pasta}

{hitting two birds with one stone - boiling pasta and the hungarian sausage}

{finished product - noodle & sausage soup, rosa style}

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