Friday, March 04, 2011

weekend report

i know that the weekend is supposed to be for chilling out, relaxing, and ditching the schedule. but, when it comes to schedules, i am OC by heart (just go ask my boss who caught me "doodling" schedules on the margins of my notebook during one meeting). plus, i am a certified list maker -- my office desk is actually littered with post-its of various lists i've made: list of how much to withdraw from the atm and the breakdown of where the money will go; list of things i want to check at trinoma over lunch; list of stuff i have to do within the day ...

... you get the point.

in any case, i've a list of stuff to do this weekend. officially, it'll be another 363 days until my birthday comes rolling again, but as far as my list is concerned, i'm still celebrating ☺☺☺

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