Thursday, March 24, 2011

retail therapy

"sometimes," i texted my boss, "the good thing with having an awful day is that you have an excuse to shop."

so i came home with this. love so many things about it:

1. it's cheap.

2. it's crazy soft.

3. it fits like a dream.

so i think i can now forget the horrible day i had, and i can forget my frustration with this person. i've new jeans. it's all good from here on.

*on a totally happier note, my dad volunteered to get me the kate spade blackberry pouch as a belated birthday gift! i had been planning on asking tita mayu to order it online for me (i still don't have a credit card) but before we could order it, he asked me for the link and ordered it. it's on its way to him and tita mayu will be bringing it home with her when she comes back from vacation. woohoo!

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