Thursday, February 17, 2011

well hello, yakimix

there's probably several things you know about me. why don't we try naming a few:

1. i don't like japanese food;

2. i like bacon; and

3. i have a major thing for buffets.

so, notwithstanding my declared hatred for japanese food, the fact that yakimix got two out of three is good enough in my book. (plus the fact that henry sy, my true love, is apparently part owner of it is enough to make me say, me? hate japanese food? no, i LOVE japanese food.)

thing is, since almost everyone i know know i dislike japanese food, no one has invited me to eat at yakimix with them. not my officemates, not my family, and not my friends (well, probably cause yakimix is too far north for us). so everyone and their cousin has eaten at yakimix ... except me.

that all changed yesterday.

my lovely, uber sexy, and definitely smart boss got a salary adjustment. since she knows of my undying loyalty to her (as she always reminds me, we UP girls must stick together), she texted me the other day, i'll make you libre. so we set a date and that was yesterday so we hied off to trinoma in search of good food. she suggested zong (okay lang) and cyma (okay lang) -- places i've already tried with my former boss. some chinese place was also suggested, along with a couple of other places. i was mentally trying to tell her "yakimix! yakimix!" but since (1) i'm too shy to imply that i want to be fed at a place that might be beyond her libre budget and (2) she knows i don't eat japanese food except to be polite (i.e. last tuesday's lunch with gwapo boss), i was resigned with the fact that she won't suggest yakimix.

then again, bottomless buffet (and probably my mental prodding prowess! naks.) is stronger than my half-hearted objections, she DID suggest yakimix and i (without hesitation) said, yes please, i've always wanted to go there.

okay fine, i didn't really always want to go there except that my new favorite blogger had written a rave review about it and i've learned to trust his judgment on food cause, after all, he does like bacon and sweet and sour and potatoes -- stuff that i myself go weak in the knee for.

so we were #32 on the waiting list. we didn't care. we were going to have yakimix that night even if it meant i won't be able to catch the last train back south. all that mattered was that i was going to be able to eat stuff (mushrooms, vegetables, whatever) wrapped in bacon. *sigh*

evil people tried to discourage us ("number 32 pa kayo? naku, bukas pa kayo, promise!" "we've been here since 6:00 and we're still waiting") but we weren't going to be swayed. after all, my boss' husband was still on his way. plus, all that waiting will allow our stomachs to be oh-so-prepared to eat, and eat, and eat.

after half an hour of waiting, i was staring at the people inside with my evil eye, saying stuff like, "tapos na kayo kumain, tama na ang pikturan," and "o, hija, curfew mo na, tama na ang date." we rejoiced every time a diner signaled for the bill and would every so often stand beside the receptionist to check if things were indeed moving along. together with the other prospective diners, we would shout "wala" whenever they'd call someone who had obviously left (yakimix has this policy wherein if you weren't there when they called you you'd miss out on your chance to get in). by 8pm (after only an hour of waiting, yay!) it was OUR turn to feast.

and feast we did.

so, while i'm supposedly still in the running to be my department's next biggest loser, i told my boss that the yakimix experience is still bound to be more precious than whatever weekly prize i would stand to win tomorrow.

and you know what? i was right.

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RichieZ said...

The last time Rina and I went, we were around #36 too.. and Rina lined up at 6:45! She deliberately went early to avoid the lines, but apparently it wasn't early enough hehe..

Im thinking of trying that Sombukojin too! Been hearing rave reviews about it =D

Thank you for the mention, Rox :)

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