Friday, February 18, 2011

so shoe me!

in between the bathroom repairs, the numerous "mini-tragedies" that visited me towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year, my sudden desire to fix, clean, and renovate my home, product reviews, and food-related posts, i've forgotten the real me: a shallow shoe-loving lawyer.

so let me go back to my roots by posting my newest purchase -- one that is only a little more than an hour old:

lovely, lovely purple sneakers with fabric rosettes.

they're superga, which according to the paperbag they came in, are "people's shoes of italy".

so what if i was late this morning (after faithfully waking up early each and every day of february so i'd get perfect attendance) because of a flat tire, and so what if i'll have to wake up early tomorrow to do a lecture that i only found out about last thursday. so what if i still have to finish the minutes for two board meetings, hopefully by the end of the day, and so what if i don't have a retreat venue for this lenten season yet.

i have a new pair of shoes and i'm wearing them now. life if WONDERFUL.

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