Wednesday, February 23, 2011

before i turn 34

i'm a sucker for birthdays.

all my friends know that. and because they've seen me prepare birthday stuff, even my officemates know that. they know it so well that they told me the other week that if i wanted something big for my birthday, i better send them the stuff to be printed, cut, and mounted ... just so that they'd be really prepared for the big day. otherwise, i might end up disappointed.

birthdays are such a big deal to me that my action group the other day complained, "you're such a planner that you don't leave room for surprises anymore!"

uhm ... sorry.

anyway, back to birthdays.

my 34th birthday will be next week. i never expected to be turning 34 and still single, unattached, and sleeping on the bed my mom got me when i was in 3rd grade, but i still am. no complaints there, though. plus, this isn't about that. it's about the fact that a week before my birthday, i took the reins into my own hands and threw myself a party.


well, technically, we threw ourselves a party. we, being me and zech.

that guy in pink -- he's zech. or zeky. or ezechiel. i work with him and he just got a promotion. so one day he approached me with the idea of throwing a joint party.

being the selfish birthday person that i was, i immediately said no. then he told me, well, we can share in the expenses. and to make sure that the blow-out was going to happen, bong (another co-worker said), i'll bring puto.

it wasn't long before we also had ice cream and pan de sal. another person said he'll give money for cups and ice. and lo and behold, we were able to convince someone to bring the drinks.

i then told my boss about it who said she'd bribe us with her own contribution if we'd move the party to february 25 cause she'd be out of town on the 28th. and then she gave us the wonderful idea of hosting lunch instead since we had so much food for a merienda treat.

so i sprung for barbecue and zech brought the pancit. and our sponsors, fabulous people that they were brought fried chicken wings, rice, cupcakes, ice cream, cake, chopseuy, drinks, and balloons. it wasn't just a blow-out, it was a blow-out bonanza!

i may still have a week to go before i can stop claiming to be 33 (ugh) but i don't care. this is one of the best ways to kick off the celebrations.

p.s. right after the board meeting, i received a text message from my aunt. the much-awaited box has finally arrived (took forever!!!) and i can't wait to see what my mom's "surprise item" is. so i don't care if i'm too sick to even contemplate going on a lakwatsa. i'm bound for mahinhin in a while (and bound for home much much later... booo) to check out the balikbayan box!!!

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