Thursday, February 24, 2011

sick day

if you knew me when i was still in csa, then you'd know that i'm the girl with the perfect attendance. i hardly got sick ... and the few times i did, i didn't have a fever high enough to be sent home (you had to have a fever of at least 38 degrees c before the nurse allows you to leave school).

same thing with college. save for that time when i had to be brought by ambulance from kalayaan to the infirmary (any my mom had to pick me up in the middle of the night), i was hardly ever absent either. and in law school, chicken pox made me absent for a week (yup, i infected my entire block, haha!) and my operation, it was done over the sem break so i don't have to miss classes.

i am that hateful little ms. perfect attendance. i was that prick who was not only always present, i'm also that girl who couldn't understand when people are so sickly.

guess i didn't realize that one of these days, not being in my 20s would take its toll on my body. and i also didn't realize that once in a while, a sick day in bed is good for the soul.

so, i'm going to stop being little ms. perfect attendance and take a sick day. see: exhibit a ...

i have to flip from one side to the other every so often cause of my stuffed nose, something i've hated since forever. and while i know relief could be had in a couple of sprays of drixine, i googled the effects of going beyond the third day (you can't use it for more than three days at a time) and turns out, there's such a thing as nasal spray addiction. scary, right? then again, as i was reading all of those posts, it struck me that if you've ever had a really nasty clogged nose as much as i (and probably every single person who wrote down their testimony on that forum) had, the wonder that is nasal spray is just magic! (it sure does beat making a tent with your towel and being steamed like some crab for 10 to 15 minutes just so one - one!!! - nostril would free up! gah! i miss my nasal spray!!!)

in any case, my nose feels sooooo raw from all the wiping i've had to do since sunday everning. and my lips are crazy chapped cause i've been breathing from my mouth because of the clogged nose. my head is pounding like crazy.

sigh ... sick day. you gotta love the fact that you don't have to wake up early, you don't have to look presentable, and you don't have to rush off to work and be in QC (from las pinas!) by 8 am. but the headache, the chills, and the helplessness, i don't love those.

in any case, here's the view from my bed.

it's a little something i got from KL when my thursday friends and i went there. maybe it'll help me think of the good times (vacation!) maybe it'll help make the headache go away (all those pretty colors ...). or maybe it'll help if i just closed my eyes and rested more.

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