Sunday, February 27, 2011

lazy sunday

ever since water descended on my part of the universe, and most likely cause i am somewhat haunted by martha stewart's ghost (not that she's dead, but you get the idea), i've begun to truly relish relaxing solo weekends at home. as i surf the net, i'm dancing on my seat, standing up every so often to check the automatic washing machine (one of the best purchases i've ever made) and see if it's time to either put in fabric softener or change the load. being at home on weekends is truly divine, save for the fact that i hardly have anything on my ref and cupboards. today, i am saved by this dulce de leche confection, something i took home from yesterday's lecture. i would've preferred a yumburger, but beggars can't be choosy.

i've already missed the 12 noon mass which happens to be my favorite time to fulfill my sunday obligations. i decided to tackle the laundry first (since i've started already) and just go out much later - to get my hair colored, to scavenge for food, and to hear mass (8pm is my other favorite time to hear mass). no one from the universe seems to be missing me right now (no one has texted, boo hoo!) but it's probably cause i haven't been texting either, or cause i haven't joined the korean bandwagon that all my friends are into right now.

how about you? how's your sunday turning out?

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