Tuesday, February 22, 2011


the red cups ... winning the lotto ... "rich" names ... controversial decisions ... being court attorney 4 ... all those codenames! ... the wrong "a" ... staying in touch even two jobs later ... getting over that major fight ... me wanting to be friends with all of your friends ... you introducing me to lingkod, cenacle, the jesuits, and to jewel ... all those afternoons you and rache refused to talk to me to force me to study ... the review books with the crazy notes ... being the one to deliver me the news that changed my life ... solsagamnida ... sucre ... solemn place ... love story in harvard ... mitsa ...

you are a wonderful daughter, and a loyal friend. you are a faithful sister and a shining example to other daughters of God. i've said it yesterday, and i'll say it again -- blessed is the man who you will choose to spend the rest of your life with.

2 said hello!:

Anonymous said...

awww. thanks rosa! hugs plus HH with stiff hands. haha! looking forward to seeing our dreams fulfilled. Coming real soon na yun (baka nga next attraction na!)See you on your birthday! ;)

p.s. you forgot to add "fantasy life" to your list. ;)

roxy said...

oh yes, fantasy life. there's also the BEAutiful project, palawan, pandan island ☺☺☺

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