Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on valentine's, friendship, and doing the world a little good

funny how while i'm surrounded by people who aren't into valentine's, here i am, slightly miserable over the fact that once more, i am without a valentine.

i actually resent the seemingly prophetic words of the former assistant dean of the school of education who told me, "well, rosa, since you dated quite a lot in your twenties, maybe the reason why you aren't dating now is cause you're actually meant to be single."

uhm, no, i wanted to tell her.

i mean, how can this cuteness that is me not multiply and populate manila with cute, witty offspring?

bawal magreklamo sa kakapalan ng face ko. blog ko to. so pwede kong lokohin ang self ko if i want. hahaha.

sige na, pumayag na, birthday ko na sa march 2.

anyway, i guess having been single for the past couple (okay fine, more than a couple ) of years has taught me that while i might be missing out on the romance (and flowers and free dinners and good morning and good night texts, plus a default plus one to all weddings) and the love that comes from being in a committed relationship, i am blessed with wonderful friends.

wonderful friends who are willing to do jump shots in the middle of the road, notwithstanding the threat that a snake might cross from one rice paddy to another at any time.

friends who gamely pose notwithstanding the bazillions of people looking at us.

i guess we just trust our cuteness that much.

friends who not only know fun, but know how to make life fun for other people too.

all of us set aside a portion of our valentine cash to make 40 kids (+ one nun!) extremely happy.

come to think about it, that day with the kids might have been more fun the dressing up, eating an overpriced set meal, and braving the valentine traffic.

and, then again, in case it isn't, i'm blessed to have a friend willing to at least take the role of OUR collective boyfriend, even for just a day.

see, he played the role sooooo well that he even forked over cash for flowers and balloons!

so that was how i rolled this valentine's day. (technically, pre-valentine's, but you wouldn't take it against me, right?)

how was YOUR v day?

2 said hello!:

commuter said...

i wish more people get to read this! hehe... it's nice. and not a tiny trace of bitterness! hehe... seriously, this is a happy post written by a happy single person who need not have a valentine's day date to share her joy with others! I greet you A Happy Day every day!

roxy said...

thanks! we missed you last saturday though. it wasn't the same without you!!! so if i were to be bitter, it was cause you weren't around to spice up the day.

p.s. sure ka walang bitterness, or sarcastic ka lang? i will ignore the sarcasm. hahaha.

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