Monday, February 07, 2011

done and bought

at first, my domestic diva-ness was limited to using power tools. and then theo came alone and i had to start cleaning. and then i read bazillions of blogs, from do-it-yourself blogs to home organizing blogs and i got hooked on fixing up my home. add maynilad water to the equation and, boom, there you go -- rosa 2.0: someone who cleans, spray paints, lines her drawers, and buys kitchen towels rather than shoes.

here's what got done over the weekend:

1. maid's room turned laundry room got cleaned and organized!
yep, it was on my list and it got DONE! i do wish i could get rid of the two giant boxes in there but one has my christmas tree and won't fit into any of the closets while the other one has all sorts of power tools that, yep, won't fit into any of the closets either. so they're both there. i'm thinking maybe i should get those giant plastic containers and stuff them there to, well, protect them from mickey, but those things are just too dang expensive (at least for my measly budget) so i guess mickey will have more fodder for a while. inside the laundry room i also have my gift wrapping stuff (i LOVE wrapping presents) and my lovely stepladder so it's all good ... for the meantime.

2. dirty kitchen got cleaned and organized too!
bazillions of beer bottles (i didn't realize my brother drank that much!) and random fluids for the car (oil, brake fluid, tire black, etc.) and what i think were brains inside ice cream containers (my brother took up PT more than a decade ago and they're still there, what the?) all got thrown out too. i had to wear gloves the entire time, while poking randomly to make sure mickey wasn't behind any of the containers, but i must say its clean and pretty now. after i threw away all the junk there, i was able to put all my various cleaning fluids, cleaning supplies, and plumbing extras (which include a bag of cement and another bag of white cement!) and still had lots of stuff left over!

3. kitchen organizing!
random little stuff, but let's just say that (1) i've repurposed the clear box that housed two dozen ferreros (2) i moved the plates and party stuff in one cabinet making them easy to access whenever i host dinner at my place and (3) i can cook now. happiness!!!

and, because of my boss' influence, i passed by not one, but two accessorize stores last saturday and bought more accessories. so yes, hindi lang ako domestic diva, marunong na rin ako *slight* mag-accessorize ng self. hahaha.

on a totally not "done" and "bought" streak -- my boss gave me black mary janes from debenhams. they're big on her and they fit me perfectly!

which reminds me, ehem, theonoski. when are we going shoe shopping for your favorite tuloy volunteer/lingkod sister/lawyer (kasi ako lang yung sa whole wide world hahahaha!)?

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