Wednesday, February 09, 2011

from one kaladkarin to another, happy birthday theonoski

one of the biggest treasures i found volunteering in tuloy ... my staunchest defender when that crazy girl from bacolod started maligning me - on friendster, on email, through bazillions of text messages ... the guy who knows most of my secrets ... my favorite cleaning ex-pat ... the only person i know who owns a koprahan ... the first person i "taught" how to drive (even if all i did was to remind him to turn on the headlights on his car) ... pepper lunch "date" ... kapatid, kuya, and fellow mataray rolled in one ... "that's why we're friends" ... Pepito ... driver ni Daredevil ... mabuting anak, mabuting kapatid, tapat na kaibigan ...
my dearest friend theo --
you are a treasure and a blessing rolled into one. who knew that the white shoe wearing volunteer who had no braces the first week and braces the second week would turn out to be one of my closest, dearest friends in the universe? i didn't. but i guess things immediately changed the day you said yes to my invitation to join lingkod. or when you proposed to clean my house. or when i shared some of my deepest secrets with you in antakya (together with he who shall not be named! hahaha). i am touched by your assurances (okay lang na chubby, cute ka naman), your support (12,000 lang pala, halika, i-withdraw na natin, now na), your generosity (e-heads concert!), and your loyalty (mas-pretty ka kaysa sa kanya).
i wish words can convey how imporant you are in my life, and how much i value our friendship. and i wish that i can show you how secure i am in the thought that i've found a true brother in you. but, we've got an entire lifetime of being good friends ahead of us ... i've got all the time in the world to be the same friend you've been to me all these years.
i pray for your continued success (translation: richness) and that one day you'll find your princess (but after i find my prince, wahehehe. igalang ang nakakatanda!). i also pray that your issues (kung ano man sila) will be resolved. at kung hindi man ma-resolve, okay lang yan, mayaman ka naman. joke ☺
happy birthday, theo. you are loved.

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