Wednesday, July 05, 2006

been really, really tired lately for some reason. it may be due to a cold i couldn't shake. either that or my fat old body isn't used to the same stress i subjected to while i was going to law school: work in the morning and studying in the evening. it may be due to all the excess weight i've been carrying around, or just this thing that i've only decided to let go this morning. i don't know. most mornings i wake up more exhausted than when i went to sleep.

anyway, with my bid for a lovelife not going anywhere (i'm still praying and praying and keeping my fingers crossed and smiling till my cheeks hurt whenever he's around but that might take a while), i've decided to turn my attention to a fictional character. that guy on the left is probably not only the cutest korean telenovela star in my opinion but happens to be the coolest, smartest, sweetest, and most lovable character churned out in a korean telenovela show. and while he may not know me from eve, as far as i'm concerned, between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m., while i'm off in dreamland, he's mine.

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