Sunday, July 02, 2006

even at my most broke, a saleslady telling another customer that the shoes i've been thinking of buying costs 200 bucks less than the sticker price is enough to make me buy the shoes.

wait, let me correct that. it makes me not buy one pair, but both pairs.

that and a pair of pants that costs only 399.

as if the spending spree wasn't enough, my weekend started with a trip to the parlor and ended with a trip to the grocery to buy half a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

funny, being broke seems to make me spend more.

probably hesitant over my purchases and knowing fully well that my cousin brian is as much of a shoe whore as i am (example: he bought a pair of shoes when we went out once and while he hasn't worn them yet, it didn't stop him from acquiring more shoes in the interim. his shoe cabinet is probably bigger than mine), i sent him an SMS telling him that i bought not just the pair we looked at but the same pair in another color. his reply: as long as it makes you happy.

apparently, imelda's blood runs in my family.

anyway, it's been a horrible week for me, punctuated with this major issue i've been trying to ignore but must deal with soon. i try not to worry about it if only because worrying will just make me look older and uglier. and considering my civil status, i should do everything to prevent THAT from happening.

and, oh, my bar grades arrived. while i had promised myself that i wouldn't open the envelope, the fact that it got soaked in the rain and that i might probably not be able to open it prompted me to tear the envelope open and face the truth about my dismal bar grades.

surprise, surprise. it wasn't as dismal as i thought.

i got grades ranging from the 60s to a high of 95. yes, one of my exams bore a grade of 95. who knew?

well, i'm done with my first reading as of this weekend. i've revised my second reading schedule based on my first reading and the bar grades. my boss offered to give me not just one month but two months off which was really generous of her.

so there.


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