Saturday, July 08, 2006

dear two random people at concha cruz,

i hope you believe me when i say that i didn't mean to splash you with all that water. i just really needed to go home real fast (cause i had to pee real bad) and i had to overtake that tricycle and before i knew it, i had caused this huge tsunami of a wave. i was too scared to stop lest you two attack me in anger. plus, as i said earlier, stopping would've meant me not being able to pee. and i had to pee real bad.

i hope you'll also believe me that i spent the entire ride home saying sorry to you guys. i saw from the rearview mirror that one of you was jumping up and down. i don't know if that was your way of drying or that was your way of expressing your anger but i'm really sorry. really, really sorry. heartfully apologetic.

although, if there's one fervent prayer going through my head right now, it's that i never, ever, ever meet you guys face to face.

apologetically yours,


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