Saturday, July 22, 2006

the week has kept me from posting anything online ... it's not cause i've been crazy busy though. my brain has been pretty much like mush since last week, first cause of a fever tha won't quit and after that went away, the medicine i took made me more sick than ever.

now i feel a bit better, thank you very much for asking.

anyway, this was also the week that i actually gave up a free trip to bangkok. almost my entire family will be going to bangkok after anna/christie's wedding and my grandmother backed out for some reason. since i'd like to think i'm my aunt's favorite travelling slave companion, they were pressuring me to renew my passport ASAP and get permission from my boss to skip a couple of days of work. i would've more than loved to go but since my boss didn't only give me the entire bar month but also august off, it would've been bordering on ingratitude if i actually asked for the end of july off. AAAARGGGGHHHHHH. goodbye cheap shopping, goodbye amazing shows, goodbye bonding time with family. hello, slavery.

work's pretty difficult for me. for the first time in my career, my boss is making me draft a decision in a criminal case. i tried to pick what i thought was an easy one but i've spent almost a week trying to make sense of it to no avail. what a time to switch to something difficult. i've got zillions more to finish before i start doing nothing except study ... at the rate i'm going, i'm never going to be able to go to the studying part.

anyway, i've planned on spending the entire day getting all the beautifying stuff done for anna/christie's wedding on tuesday. my roots are showing so i need to get that fixed and i've promised myself that i'll get a body scrub and massage as a treat for having finished my first reading (way overdue!). i also have to get my nails fixed so that they're pretty and not their usual raggedy selves. however, i'm halfway through saturday already and i haven't even gotten out of bed yet. maybe tomorrow???

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