Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i'm broke, sick, and totally behind on my reading.

can it get any worse?

well, yes. the rain poured as i was about to leave the office, the traffic along roxas was horrible, and it took forever to get a ride. the trike i rode home must've have had a pledge to pollute the environment single handedly. i burned the bacon and there's something wrong with our microwave.

maybe the only thing to look forward to is the fact that hopefully, my recent bout with insomnia isn't something that's permanent. i mean, come on, me? unable to sleep?

i'm going to hide under the blankets in a while. hopefully, they'd give us the jdf tomorrow, my cold will go away, and that somehow, i'll find the necessary energy and motivation to attack mercantile law with a passion. but until that happens, i guess i'll just have to keep reminding myself that there'll always be a rainbow after the rain stops.

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