Wednesday, July 26, 2006

my overloaded tuesday almost meant me not blogging before going to sleep. after all, i told myself, blogging at 1:30 a.m. and when i wake up at, say 7:30 a.m. shouldn't make much of a difference, right?

but then again i had just attended our first huge family wedding in ten years. and my aunt from canada surprised me with a very, very pretty skirt from zara (something a government employee like me can't afford on a regular day), not to mention another pretty skirt that'll go well with the kenneth cole slip-ons christie bought me a year ago that i have yet to wear. to top it all off, keith sent me yet another care package that's more or less the reason why i'm awake now instead of dead to the world.

the most fun i've had in months + pretty things + being pretty the entire day = me staying awake long enough to write a post, albeit a bit incoherent, before crashing for the day. so here goes...

chrisite/anna and ian finally had their church wedding today. while our side of the family was about a tenth of the guest list, we were the noisiest group - starting from when we all met up in the church to the time we finally said our goodbyes. for one, we finally had the first "cousins" picture we had in years. while there's only seven of us - three in canada, two in manila, and two in laguna - we haven't hung out together for more than a decade. so, the first thing we did was call a photographer and have him snap shot after shot of us while we were waiting for the ceremony to start. after that was done, our aunts and uncles joined us and we posed like there was no tomorrow. as if all the pictures in the chapel weren't enough, we snapped picture after picture in the reception, and created enough of a ruckus dancing and cheering our side of the family on that the photographer and videographers had a field day shooting us.

i guess it will take more than a typhoon to dampen our spirits.

it's such a shame that i won't be able to join them when they go to bangkok this coming thursday (damn flunking the bar and being unable to go on leave since my boss is giving me almost two months off to study). i bet they're not only going to have lots of fun shopping but they're also going to have a whole lot of fun just being with each other. hanging out with my cousins, rocky, gino and justin, ninang nilda, tita jake, and tito mao made me rethink my plan of postponing a trip to canada anytime soon. all of a sudden, i'd want nothing more than to spend a month or so basking in family fun. (okay, i'll admit that keith having sent the newest copy of lucky magazine more than convinced me to look for my now expired passport and make actual plans of renewing it so that i can buy every single lovely thing in the magazine.)

okay. now i'm really tired.

and i don't think i'm coherent anymore.

hopefully, pictures from brian and anna to follow. trust me NOT to bring my camera.

christie and ian - i had so MUCH fun in your wedding, i felt SO pretty in the gown, and, i think kit will agree with this, i felt pretty good seeing more than a couple of our pictures together in your video presentation. to wish you guys a good marriage would be redundant as you have somehow managed to stick it through since you guys first tied the knot four years ago. i guess the better wish would be that the US immigration finally fix ian's papers so that you guys can finally sleep - and wake up - next to each other every single day of your lives.

that and babies, babies, babies.

mwah. love you both. my favorite cousin has tied the knot to one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. for now, i can't think of anything that would make me happier than that.

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