Friday, July 28, 2006

it was a bad combination. the august 2006 edition of lucky + the arrival of an unexpected bonus + stress of everything that was going around me = an unplanned shopping spree.

it began innocently enough. celine has had this sale for almost a month and there was a gorgeous top that was selling at 70% off the original tag price. and so i bought it.

and then there was this pretty, pretty girly skirt at sari-sari. and again, it was on sale. P299. and it went perfectly with the top from celine. and so i bought it.

since i had to get started on studying, i left the mall, drove to my favorite starbucks (which just happens to be at mothership sm sucat), and parked my ass at my "reserved" seat. well, almost parked my ass. basically, i dumped my 10 pound book at the table, told them i was just going to check some stuff at the mall, and ended up coming back more than an hour later with two pairs of shoes, a top, and a bag.


today, i attempted to curb the shopping monster in me by depositing what was left of my bonus. every single centavo. except, we got our salary today and an officemate asked me to go to the mall with her to buy this pair of sandals which she couldn't get out of her head. and before i knew it i came home with pretty, pretty ref magnets (starting my christmas shopping early!) and a pair of huge sunglasses that makes me look like a retired movie star on rehab.

tomorrow, i plan to lock myself in my room and avoid the mall at all costs. hopefully it will work until my shopping fever dies down.

what will happen on monday, i don't really know. i work a hundred meters away from the mall. and, from what i hear, we've got another unexpected bonus coming up. gaaaah. with the ongoing mango sale and with every little shop on the mall with at least one item on sale, it's going to be tough.

very tough.

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