Saturday, April 29, 2006

been crazy/exhausted with everything recently. i've finished my first pass at political law and labor law already and i'm two days into civil law. somehow, i managed to meet my april quota before the month ended and the enormous pile of resolutions to be, well, resolved has dwindled to a manageable pile. while life hasn't been a bed of roses, it's been good. somehow, having all of these things on my plate has given me the focus i didn't have going into the bar season the first time around.

i've also found myself regularly parked in starbucks recently. i rush over there after work and hope to the high heavens that i get a page read for every peso i spend there. that means if i get a grande chocolate cream with mint, i'd have to be able to get a 140 pages read before i go home. with best-seller exciting kick-ass novel, that's pretty easy to do. with a dry, boring, huge law book written by men like jurado, that's sheer torture. with a frap, it becomes bearable; with airconditioner, it becomes possible; with a coffee freebie in a tiny cup, it's even possible to read beyond the coverage for the day.

p.s. with starboys #2 chatting with me whenever he's on his 15-minute break, it's heaven. he he.

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