Saturday, May 06, 2006

a new crush + a new house + vacation time

not bad, huh?

while the rest of manila is planning their own bora escapades, i'm happy to be seven hours away from a trip to baguio. technically, it'll be work since i'll be with my officemates and my boss for our court of appeals baguio session but who really cares. baguio, for me, still means THE summer capital (how positively 80's)and possibly the only reason why i was able to go through jurado the way i did the last couple of days.

in a couple of months, i'll also be transferring to a new house. it's not really a new house since my mom bought it almost seven years ago. but, no one's lived there yet, and i have her blessing (and her bank account) to fix the house up any way i want. right now, i'm thinking of shabby chic (nice white, fat couches) for the common areas. either that, or the day bed/kalesa bed that seems to be all the rage these days. bahala na. i'll get there. what i do know for sure is that i want the living room to have a nice, powerful split-type airconditioner.

new crush is a bit more than a crush and vanessa, if we met up today, you'd have heard all there is to know about him. for the meantime, let's just put it this way. he's such a huge deal in my heart and mind right now that not even the pat the pilot's recent phone call was able to faze me.

this'll be all for now. creativity, or whatever it is that i had going for me the last couple of years i was writing here, seems to have escaped me. i can't even come up with a decent post (god knows i've tried).

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