Friday, August 20, 2010

rage against the crazy hair

there are a lot of things about me that i wouldn't mind changing.

like my giant legs. or my armpits. or my prematurely gray hair. or my "parang-nakipagsabunutan-sa-malditang-kapitbahay" hair.

my giant legs i've learned to hide in pants, my armpits in sleeves, and my gray hair with monthly trips to the parlor.

but my hair's crazy texture, well, it still remains to be a problem. i thought once that rebonding it would be they key but apparently, after the first rebonding session, the succeeding ones aren't as pretty as the first. and, with the monthly trips to the colorist, i'm thinking, if my hair could talk, i wouldn't be hearing pretty things.

as a matter of fact, right now, i think it's speaking volumes: i'm experiencing hair fall (thank goodness i have more than enough to spare), knotted ends, and this "bewang" look where the rebonded portion ends and my real hair begins. i've tried cutting it short and keeping it in ponytails most of the time but, to be honest, that's not exactly what i want.

i want pretty hair.

so i'm pretty ma-horde when it comes to hair products. if i have money, and i can afford it (translation: cheap), then i wouldn't mind spending money on a shampoo/conditioner/at-home hair treatment. once in a while, i even splurge on a salon hair treatment. that's how i want my hair to be pretty.

hence, the vietnam stash:

now, i'm also the type of girl who doesn't need to finish an entire bottle of shampoo/conditioner/hair treatment before starting on a new one. so, despite that i've four or five bottles of shampoo and conditioner currently in rotation, i immediately dove into these giant bottles of pantene shampoo and conditioner. after all, feeling ko, ako din sina erich, empress, and andi. showbiz is me.

a bit of a disclaimer though -- while i am easily swayed to buy all of these hair care products, i have also ceased believing that they can actually change my life, este, my hair. i realized that after i had my hair rebonded for the first time -- no amount of shampooing and conditioning will change the texture of my hair. admittedly, some shampoo-conditioner tandems are better, but in the long run, it's still the same banana -- my hair is buhaghag and unless i blow dry it or have it chemically altered, it will be buhaghag. such is life.

me, i just do what i can. and if that means that i use up two bottles of conditioner for every bottle of shampoo, then so be it. anything to make it easier to comb it out after a bath.

then, as i said, i tried out pantene. one of the writers who tried it out commented how she didn't need as much conditioner to "tame" her hair. when i read it, i said to myself, "phooey." i even thought, maybe she had nice hair to begin with. or nice water (our water is deep well which, to my mind, has all of these unwanted sediments). my first try, it felt like my hair was already conditioned after i shampooed it -- it wasn't so stiff, it wasn't so tangled. it could've been better, but even at that stage, the hair felt smoother already. then -- since this was my vietnam stash and no way i could get more in the immediate future -- i used about half of the conditioner i normally use, about the same amount of shampoo, and tried to spread that out on my thick hair. i kept my fingers crossed that my hair would be fine.

and you know what -- it turned out fine.

okay, i won't lie (like one of those hateful shampoo commercials) and say that i can now walk with hair swaying and what not. my hair's texture still leaves much to be desired. still, there are marked improvements, like how easy it is to comb my hair after each bath even if i just used a wee bit of conditioner. or how i can finger comb my hair. i'm still experiencing hair fall, but maybe i just need to wait a bit before that problem is cured too.

so, good job, pantene. you've turned me into a convert.

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