Tuesday, May 25, 2010

and all i wanted was a haircut

there i was, at my aunt's house, lounging with the entire family at the basement cause it was too hot to be anywhere else. i had made the declaration that i was going to go to work, finish up on stuff, and wow the universe with my dedication.

then sloth stepped in and that was that.

still, not the one to allow the weekend to pass just like that, i had the *brilliant* (ha!ha!) idea to get a haircut. you see, one of my new friends had mentioned how her stylist at piandre somewhere in qc had fixed her curly hair in such a way that she never has any problem with it anymore. me, the rebonding addict who wants to finally get off the bandwagon and just be fine with my buhaghag hair, was curious. can HE fix my hair too.

then was one problem though - i didn't have the girl's number. and so i couldn't request the fabulous stylist to do my hair. boo-ness.

then tita mayu said that one of her good friends was seeing marlon at headzone salon in trinoma. and that she now has easy-to-manage fabulous hair.

so i went.

but instead of getting a haircut, i ended up getting the kerestase vita-ciment treatment instead with, well, a free haircut.

now, if there is one thing about me, i never, ever get expensive hair treatments in salons. i am kuripot that way. the most expensive thing i've ever done in a salon was rebonding, and that was in cheap out-of-the-way salons recommended by friends. once in while, i also get coloring done professionally, but once i've discovered my cheap parlor in bf resort, i've pretty much stuck to my single process, root retouch every three weeks or so. but when marlon was looking at my hair, and i was looking at him looking at it, i felt intense distress that when he said P1,400, and he'll throw in a free haircut with it, i couldn't help but say yes.

after all, i was sunburned (still!), had tired skin (i blame the hormones from the medication), and was fat bloated. the least i could do for myself was to treat me to something.

at first i didn't feel any changes. marlon asked me to touch the hair afterwards, to see how soft it was compared to when i first arrived. i pretended to have felt it, but in all honesty, i didn't. then i shampooed my hair this morning and there it was, a distinct softness, not as much as i would've wanted to (that, IMHO, would've been a miracle), but still, something.

marlon told me i'd need another treatment in a month's time, and i think i might just go for it. there's a number of these products being sold online and i'm thinking of just getting it there and doing the treatment myself (then again, i did love the chair massage they gave me. i think THAT was worth P400 out of the P1,400 i shelled out).

and, oh, re the haircut, it was okay. i told him that i'm growing out the rebonded portions and would like to stick to my normal hair once it all grows out, and asked him if he could recommend a cut when it's back to its normal state. his answer: i have to get it rebonded again. boo. i hate answers like that. so if you have a recommendation for a stylist who can fix buhaghag hair with scissor-magic, then i'd want that please.

in the meantime, i shall search for more kerestase love online.

*image from i-offer.com

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