Wednesday, August 18, 2010

random notes on a wednesday morning

♥ if i were plagued with a life-threatening illness and there was almost zero chance of survival, i will eat bacon three times a day (and more if possible) to comfort me and to ensure that the remaining days of my life will be happy.

☺ i was once perceived as a happy sunshiny person. somehow, that changed because of hormone injections. one day, i shall be happy and sunshiny once more. all i need is a change of environment.

♥ text messages (or requests for phone conversations) in the middle of the night are never good. however, since my best friend's call for help (which still resulted in the unwanted even if i did my absolute best to comfort him at that time), i am unable to resist "helping" in whatever way i can. who knows if the next call (or text) from that number will be from a next of kin telling you something you never expect to hear in your lifetime?

☺ sleeping is my greatest luxury. that said, it was weird how when i was young, i told my grandmother that once i become an adult, i will never ever sleep again. truly, youth is wasted on the young. (teka, parang mali yung application nung quote. hahaha)

♥ in the same manner, i hated accompanying my mom to the homeworld area of any department store when i was younger. i couldn't understand the fascination with plates, glasses, containers, and what-nots. guess where i hang out now?

☺ i am in love with houses with more "living spaces" than bedrooms. that said, my house has bedrooms and minimal "living spaces". i am still trying to figure out how to get my brother to finally empty out his bedroom at home so i can convert it to a guest room/office. ambitious, diba?

♥ the grand plan to move to cabanatuan is still festering in my mind. unfortunately, i have yet to take a step to make that into reality. i haven't even prayed for it yet. boo.

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