Monday, August 09, 2010

para sa ikagaganda ng aking balat

thanks to the generosity of beauty for a living's frances amper sales, i am now the proud owner of a bottle of kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate. that's Php2,880.00 worth of beauty in a bottle that i didn't have to shell out money for thanks to a blog contest which i won with this entry.

i received the package on a tuesday -- i had almost forgotten about it because of the frenzy that i went through before going on my mini-vacation but sometime before lunch, the receptionist came bearing a small bag from rustan's. five seconds later, it struck me: this was the prize that i had been waiting for and it's finally here.

that night, i tried following every single requirement that would help me on my way towards skin perfection. but, i must admit, i couldn't wait to wake up the following morning and see the miracle that took place while i was asleep. the verdict -- i felt a bit of oil when i rubbed my cheeks (then again, i'm always oily) but lo and behold, i looked well-rested when i checked myself on the mirror. very, very good.

happy with my first night's experience, i immediately packed the bottle to take with me on vacation. and, while i knew i was in for two red-eye flights, i almost didn't mind. i believed in my heart that the kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate will shoo away all of my skin's issues and make me no less than picture perfect for my vacation photos.

my bad: since we arrived at almost two in the morning, i wasn't able to put some on my face anymore on the first day. and while i was able to do the routine on the second evening (hello beautiful skin once more), me waiting for my aunt to arrive on our third evening and the flight back to manila on the fourth evening meant no miracle recovery concentrate once more. but last night i put on the requisite two drops and slept early after turning off the television. so, guess what i woke up to once more -- pretty skin.

i must admit that in spite of the abuse my skin received while on vacation -- late nights, sun, hardly any skin regimen -- my skin stayed blemish-free. i'd like to think that more than anything, it's the concentrate working overtime to keep my skin supple. good job, kiehl's.

i got a big bottle from frances, and with only two drops before sleeping, i'm sure that my concentrate will go a long, long way. and considering that using the concentrate will force me to acquire good habits (sleep at least 7 hours, turn off the tv before sleeping, and drink lots of fluids), truly, me having beautiful skin is a miracle that i'm confident will happen soon.

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trisha said...

Hi Rosa! I'll drop by your house na talaga. Even if it's late ha. So I can drop something for you. :) - trisha

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