Saturday, August 21, 2010

comfort clothes

a long, long time ago (also known as *gasp* four years ago), i went to baguio without a jacket.

or a sweater.

or anything to ward the cold away.

i thought, hey, it's the middle of summer. and because of global warming, baguio isn't as cold as it used to be. so i saved on precious luggage space (cause i always overpack on the wrong things) and brought stuff other than a sweater.

then we got there and it was cold.

well, maybe not by much but it was chilly and with the wind chill (naks!) factor, it was cold enough to make me need a sweater. or jacket. or anything to ward the cold away.

thank goodness there was an SM with a surplus shop (since i never buy anything that's not on sale. wait, i do, but most of the time. so there.) and within minutes, i came out with a sweater that i loved.


i loved how it had a "sleek" line and it was long-ish so i felt it made me look thinner than i really am.

and we all know how i love kidding myself about that, right?

notice that the shoes are also blinding white? well, here they are closer:

yes, they're also new (at that time). except they're not from surplus shop. they're from SM (oh how i love henry sy so much). and they were on sale. and they were in UP colors. and i've wanted not-gym shoes-not sneakers - but perfect for jeans - in something like leather rubbershoes for the longest time. and these were just perfect. so i also got them.

anyway, i digress.

so i got the sweater and i was warm in baguio from then on. and i used the sweater sporadically over the course of the past four years (it hardly gets to be that cold anymore).

and yesterday, i brought it to work.

and somehow, under the garish white work lights, the once perfect hoodie, with a vintage feel to it, just looks old, and faded.

did i leave it for too long in the sampayan? or is it simply too old to be wearing around in a place where i'm supposed to be charging by the minute?

you know what's crazy? those pair of shoes? i've sold them in a garage sale for Php100 already. yet as for this hoodie, i can't imagine giving it up yet. i slipped it on and it felt perfect -- just-right warm, fuzzy, and the long-ish length still makes me feel oh-so-payat. and we all know how important that is, right?

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