Wednesday, August 04, 2010

abogado de campanilla

two years ago, i left government service to become, according to a good friend, an abogado de campanilla. oh, how i hated that term, not to mention how he made me feel that i wasn't doing the right thing. i was abandoning a great job - a job which admittedly taught me much, a job which allowed me to take the bar while still gainfully employed, a job which didn't tax me to oblivion - in favor of a job which not only paid less but promised to be more difficult.

in the words of my former boss, it was sheer katangahan.

of course, at that time, switching jobs meant the world to me. i was in heaven over the fact that i had a secretary, i had my own room, and i had my own computer. after a while, i was also assigned cases, and clients called me for advice. i appeared in court, bought my first suit in years, and was even happy over the fact that now i had to stay late in the office sometimes to finish things. in my mind, i was finally the lawyer i wanted to become.

but you know, everyone goes through this. and, while i am presently more unhappy than i am with my job, i know that if i pray hard enough, i'll figure out what god's plans for me are. after all, it was a tearfully said prayer that allowed this job to materialize ... i am sure that another heartfelt prayer will bring more answers than questions.

in the meantime, i owe it to myself to just enjoy the blessings i've received -- and there are plenty believe me. it's so easy to be upset when things aren't going my way, but i know that things will be worse for me if things aren't going God's way, right?

and considering that i almost bumped into (a still very good-looking) eddie garcia in the lobby, i have every reason to smile.

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ralf roldan said...

what a way to remember your anniversary...
(i dont know how to spell comemorate)

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