Monday, August 16, 2010

116 kilometers away

a couple of weeks ago, an offer came from my aunt: to move in with her and the rest of the family in nueva ecija.

the offer came with the basics -- imagine a home where i don't have to worry about meals, laundry, ironing and other responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. it also came with certain built-in perks -- maids to do my bidding and free internet, neither of which i have at home. lastly, it came with a bribe that one must offer to any self-respecting mall rat like me -- bi-weekly trips to manila for shopping and other forms of entertainment.

had this offer come when i was buried under my own mess, zero prospect of water in bf, and no close relationships whatsoever, i would have jumped at the chance to pack up and leave. except that i've begun channeling my inner martha and have made significant steps towards home diva-ness, i'm months away from having running water (finally!!!) after five years of water deliveries, and have friends whose company i treasure, moving to the province -- no matter how highly urbanized it has become over the past decade -- is still a major decision to be made.

admittedly, there a pros, having family around me being on top of the list. there are, however, a number of cons too. let's not forget that i've basically lived alone and independently for quite some time now. how will i deal with people asking where i am? will i do well in a household where i'd have to be polite even if i don't feel like it?

and let's not forget -- as a friend pointed out -- will i meet my true love in a land far, far away?

you might have noticed that i've weighed everything except my career. oddly enough, it's not on the forefront of the decision-making process. it's weird, i know, but so many things have happened over the past year, i suppose, that i'm not exactly thinking about it. of course, moving to nueva ecija means that i have to secure a job there first, but i guess that's what it means to be living with family -- i'm not as scared to venture out to new prospects knowing that meralco (or in their case, the local electric cooperative) won't be cutting my electricity since someone else -- at least for the meantime -- will be taking care of that.

sigh, i don't know.

but if you ever catch me staring off into the distance in near catatonic state, then at least you know what's on my mind.

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