Tuesday, August 26, 2008

chasing the dream

i was watching the Today Show's brief recap of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the lyrics of the song they used, what if it all goes right, caught my attention. i especially love the part where it goes like:

"what if you climb to the mountain top
and touch the sky
grab a cloud as it passes by
you might fall you might fall
but then again you might fly

what if it all goes right
what if it all works out
what if the stars line up
and good luck rains down
what if you chase your dreams
and it changes your whole life
Yeah, what if it all goes right"

sitting here in the office at half past seven, trying to finish a pleading to be filed before the supreme court, trying to figure out how to fit in everything else i need to do between now and tomorrow morning, i'm realizing for the ten millionth time that this is me, chasing my life's dream. this is the fruit of hours writing and re-writing my resume and cover letter, walking around the hot and dusty streets of makati and ortigas from one building to another submitting resume after resume on the off chance a firm might have a vacancy. this is an answered prayer in the flesh. it may not even be the most attractive thing in the universe - as my former boss so aptly put it, me leaving the judiciary was nothing short of katangahan. but knowing deep in my heart that i'm yearning for something more, that i'm not idly waiting for my dream to fulfill itself but taking the reins and actively pursuing it, and that i'm mostly likely fulfilling my potential, is something that fuels me to continue, to wake up after barely five hours of sleep, and to brave the daily four-hour commute.

and because this is me chasing my dream, i know that it won't be long before one day, my life will change and i'll be glad i let go of my comfort zone and found that which brings my heart joy.

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