Sunday, May 16, 2010

working weekends aren't so bad after all

dear self,

three snaps for you.

yesterday, you got out of bed, showered, and made it out by 10 am to check papers at the second floor of robinsons bf. fine, fine, you were hungry and needed sustenance by then, not to mention you had to send off an email to *that* school, but still. it was a weekend and you made it out of bed early.

clap, clap, clap too over the fact that you didn't let the heat + the defective washing machine from doing the laundry. usually that would get you down but this weekend, you just got right out there and figured things out. i know you're disappointed over the fact that you couldn't exactly figure out what was wrong with the machine, but now you do know that (1) it's heating up and (2) it stops working when it's all heated up means that you figured out a way to finish everything before sunset. good job.

and while you were itching to go out by 6:30 pm, you stayed put and decided to rest knowing that sunday was going to be a working day. and today, you made it to work even before the boss did and you were working by the time he got in. i'm sorry though that you were too sleepy while waiting for the delivery to arrive and he caught you sleeping, but since its a sunday, i guess it's understandable. after all, isn't the rest of the universe having the most restful weekend ever?

i know you're not relishing the drive home. i also know that you're dreading the huge deluge of work that has yet to be accomplished this coming week, not to mention (1) car registration (2) regular car maintenance (3) dinner with a person you're not exactly excited to meet but i know that that new john maxwell book (sooo inspirational, haha) + your amazing self-motivation skills (really now?), you can do it.

and if you can't, well just think happy thoughts: your mom will be here soon and before you know it, you'll be on vacation.



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