Friday, May 14, 2010

yet another happy shower something

remember when i said that i came home from watson's with a stash to "cure" my sunburn?

well, while i was quite happy with the radox shower cream, i saw this and couldn't resist.

for one, daphne osena is an olay girl and we all know how she's one of my idols.

and second, come on, there's a promo. who can resist a good deal? i know i can't.

the come on: i will not deny it -- more than anything, i bought the product cause it's buy one take one. i guess there's something about the feeling that i'm getting a really good deal that makes me want to whip out my card to make a purchase, whether minor or major.

however, it also claims to fight the 7 signs of skin ageing while you shower. for someone who's not into lotions, body butters, and creams, being able to do something miraculous for my skin while doing something that i have to do anyway (like showering) is a good deal.

and, given my crispy lechon status, i figured, i'd need all the moisturizing effects that this product was offering: apparently, not only is it a moisturizing shower product, it also contains body butter for added moisturizing effect.

not bad, not bad at all.

the verdict: it's an olay product, so to begin with, there's the psychological aspect that something good is going to happen to my skin.

unlike the radox shower cream that you can spread using your own hands, you'll need a bath glove or something similar to make sure the product is evenly distributed and that it foams, otherwise, it'll be too thick on your skin and difficult to wash off. it does leave a lotion-like feeling even after washing it off, something a bit similar to the filmy feeling after you was using dove soap. then again, it might just be cause i was rushing and failed to totally wash it off. in that case, my bad.

i'm not sure about the scent -- first whiff isn't so pleasant, at least in my opinion. but as you shower, a different layer of the scent permeates and it turns into something that i like smelling on me. at first i thought it was just cause i'd gotten used to the radox and truly liked that, but on my second and third showers with this product, i still experienced the same dislike-like feeling about the scent. i guess i'll have to get used to it anyway.

did it make any difference? well, so far nothing discernible yet. will i buy it if it isn't buy one take one? i don't know. but is it something that i'll recommend? maybe. after all, it never hurts to experiment once in a while. ☺

*i availed of olay's buy one get one promo at megamall, from the watson's store one the 2nd floor of mega a (near where cinderella used to be). P250 for both bottes.

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