Thursday, May 27, 2010

rain, rain please don't go away

as i was on my way to work this morning, it rained.

you know that kind which has giant raindrops and makes a huge splash on your windshield? that kind of rain.

happiness. if i didn't have a meeting this afternoon i would've probably spent the entire day in bed, reading. or watching dvds. or sleeping. anything that didn't involve getting out of bed.

because recently, it has been too hot to do that. it's been too hot to just hole up at home and spend the day in luxurious wonder. maybe when i get myself and aircon (sigh i feel too poor thinking i don't have a working aircon at home). maybe when i get myself that kind of salary that can allow me to aircon when i want (while i can afford the aircon, its the meralco bill that has been preventing me from making the big jump).

today's rain though, is a promise of things to come. i am now envisioning weekends in bed, lounging like a professional couch potato. i am envisioning cool nights and fuzzy pajamas. i am imagining sleeping to the sound of rain hitting the roof. and the smell of clean earth. sigh. i can't wait.

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