Sunday, November 25, 2012

patience is not one of my virtues

while it is by no means a justification, i'd like to believe that the reason why i drive like a possessed woman and why i'm always half-tempted to walk out on my friends when they're late is cause i lack the virtue of patience. and because i am not the most patient of people in the world, i don't really get online shopping -- when i want something, i want it now.

but then i'm also kuripot. so even though buying a camera at the mall would get me my camera ASAP, i can't justify paying retail for something that i know could be had for a much lower price somewhere else.

a camera? yep. let's backtrack a bit, why don't we?

my first digicam was from tita celia and my brother and i were supposed to share it. but since he didn't seem too interested with taking pictures, it was with me most of the time. then for some reason, it died in its sleep and i realized it only when my friends and i were on our way to tagaytay, so my dad (who reads this blog, hi papa!) came to the rescue and sent me the money to get a new camera. that camera, i loved like crazy. until it got stolen on the way to cebu. since i was bound for cebu again a couple of days later, and since i wasn't very happy with the pictures tita celia's camera (which she generously offered to lend me), i threw all caution to the wind a immediately bought a replacement upon returning to manila. i liked the camera - it went with me to cebu, boracay, countless get-togethers, and chronicled stuff for this blog, but i didn't love it. it would always just be the replacement for the camera that someone stole from my check-in luggage (yes, it was stupid to leave my camera in my check-in luggage. i know that now.)

so when my idol, daphne osena paez, posted about the olympus pen about a year ago, it felt like i had found the camera that took my breath away. like her, i'm not a fan of dslr cameras. i know the limitation of my skills and am realistic enough to acknowledge that i do not have what it takes the learn about aperture and white balance and all those things. so i figured, this was what i need to get my grubby little hands on.

except it was too expensive. at least for me. i did pine for it a LOT and i did start saving for it and i must've sent dbgadgets bazillions of text messages asking for it. and when i was almost ready for it, i asked my cousin. and he said, "no, get the fuji x10 instead."

i hemmed and hawed about this. the olympus pen was like the hyundai elantra that i had been dreaming of for months! i had read reviews, i had my heart set onto getting it. i have saved up for it. and it was going to be a big no? it was much like when the boys at the office kept on chiding me for wanting a car, much less a korean car. oh, i do love diego, but i must admit there are times when i can't help but ogle at a white elantra when it crosses my path. was i ready to let a dream go?

apparently, i was, because it wasn't long before i was texting kimstore on a regular basis. and the crazy thing was i was dead set on getting it already long before my cousin decided on getting his camera and in the end, he got his first cause he was more diligent. finally, monday of last week, i inquired with them and they said it was out of stock but i could wait till this week. i said okay. then i was beyond surprised when lo and behold, on tuesday morning, they told me i could get it if i were free to meet up that day.

yes! yes! yes! i had a very, very, very long meeting, but as soon as that was done, i rushed out, ready to run all the way to park square in a suit and heels, only to realize that they had cancelled and had to wait for more than a week before it would be available again.

this week passed by s-l-o-w-l-y.

even if i did get to meet up with tita celia and we both loaded up on back issues of magazines we love.

{happy reading materials}
even if it meant fresh ponkan every morning.

{healthy breakfast}
my boss must've hated me for being so unreliable this week. friday morning i was crazy excited cause they seller said it would be the day it would arrive, but it was delayed. boo!

i was so tempted to order it from dbgadgets ... but he was selling it for a thousand bucks more, and there were no freebies. my friend pointed out to me that if i were to get it that night, what difference would it make since i had a lecture the following day anyway? was the thousand bucks worth it.

uhm, no. kuripot, remember?

i woke up early saturday as i was teaching a whole day class and sent multiple text messages (both from my smart and sun phones!) until it was finally confirmed: 4-6 pm at starmall. yay!

sorry to my very makulit student when i wasn't very patient with you by the time afternoon rolled around. i wanted my camera real bad!!!

{the non-replacement has landed}
and what the heart wants, it tries to move heaven and earth to get.

i can't promise better pictures (it's the indian, not the arrow, as my boss used to say). and i can't promise more blog posts with more pictures (i find that my phone yields the most "accurate" day in the life pictures). but i can promise this: maybe, just maybe, i'll learn to be a little more patient next time.

happy sunday!

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