Friday, November 30, 2012

since i'm pretending i'm on a diet, i'll just get the candle version instead

they're supposed to melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

but what happens when they're all melted up in a bottle? ...

eeep! screeching halt!!! that just sounds like really bad copy for an ad. i am so glad i don't have to do advertising work for a living!

in any case, i want to talk about this yummy find from last friday's cupcake run ...

{yum yum yum!}

m&m scented candle!!! 

in the same breath that KBB told us about vanilla cupcake bakery, she also told us about the pepperidge farm candles that were on 50% off at true value. now, since i'm waging a war against the critters at home, i will admit that i need all the help in the scent department i could get. so after finishing off a whole lotta work (kunyari busy-busy-han, hahaha!), i trooped over to the newly-opened true value at glorietta.

there were a number of pepperidge farm options, but the moment i opened the jar, i knew that i was going to come home with the m&m candle.

i mean, come on! aren't those the cutest things????

{now, aren't these cute?}

however, this is a candle and it is meant to be lighted. sooner or later, these lovely babies would melt.

and melt they did. what i didn't expect was that they'd leave these:

{look! the m's are left when the "candy" is all melted up!}

KBB guaranteed that the pepperidge farm candles would leave your house smelling wonderful, so i was a bit afraid that this may or may not perform the same way. but, after fifteen or so minutes, my home (note na hindi na house, home na bigla. yihee!) started smelling of crisp vanilla. it works!!!

i brought it with me to the bedroom (dangerous to leave a lighted candle when you're not in the area, and what use it is perfuming the living/dining areas when i'm in my room already?) and once more, the sweet aroma - not too strong but not too light either - made the room a bit cozier, a bit happier, a bit better. so can i just say that this works?!?!

and you know what's even better? the candle is on sale! it's 50% off from P495 so i ended up paying only P247.50 for this bottle of goodness.

i used to swear by betty crocker candles (the cherry pie was my favorite!) but this one is waaaay better. and since i know i had grabbed the last stock at true value glorietta, guess who's going to ATC later to stock up on these? 

yep, me. hello world, this is rosa the hoarder signing off ... and driving to ATC to look for more m&m candles!

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