Thursday, November 29, 2012

you can never have too many cupcake options, IMHO!

one of the lawyers from work came back from lunch today with an amazing discovery. the old kamiseta is now this uber-cutie patootie place known as the vanilla cupcake bakery. i wish i had my camera with me cause that place was serious eye candy ... especially for someone like me who's in love with pastels, frou-frou, and all things sweet.

{diet notwithstanding, this came home with me today}
it was a bit difficult to pick - my default is usually a peppermint chocolate cupcake or something with marshmallow icing in it - but in the end i ended up picking two: 

classic mocha and,

and this salted caramel variety. now, they have several salted caramel varieties, and this is but one of them. unfortunately, i couldn't find the receipt, so i don't really know which one this is.

and since i am not a food blogger, i can't really tell you (1) the other cupcake options and (2) how much each cupcake costs. i do remember though that these two set me back P148.00. not bad, but not very cheap either.

i think vanilla cupcake bakery is owned by the same people who run kamiseta because some of the servers are wearing old kamiseta uniforms. uh-oh mr. gunn roque -- the lawyer in me is screaming "be careful with possible labor issues of intermingling businesses and using the same staff!"

my initial thoughts? the place was mighty lovely. hopefully, my friends and i will be trying it out soon, so that means i'll be able to take pictures of vanilla cupcake bakery. but if you can't wait, then imagine this: the uber-soft couches from kamiseta, with a colorful sprinkling of daphne chairs, then imagine cath kidston cuteness and there you have it: vanilla cupcake bakery.

for me, the cupcakes were okay. not bad, but not amazing either. so even if the entire trip home my mind was focused on devouring these as soon as i get home, all i tasted was a small slice of each before i returned them to the box and thrown into the ref to be eaten some other time. maybe it was cause i drove thru mcdonald's on the way home, or maybe it was cause i wasn't feeling well. but if you really knew me, neither of these should've prevented my matakaw self from gobbling these two up like there was no tomorrow.

between the two, i liked the mocha better. i didn't really taste the "salt" part in the salted caramel, and the cake felt a bit dry. still, there's a whole lot more options at the store, and food (i heard there's pasta and coffee as well!) to boot, so maybe the proper review should wait another time.

for now, consider this as an exercise in getting to know the macro setting of my new camera. hahaha!

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