Sunday, November 18, 2012

weekend in instagram pics

i had no doubt it was going to be a hectic weekend. friday was practice at tuloy with the kids, saturday was a full day lecture, and sunday was divi with future SIL and practice again + 8pm mass. definitely no DVD marathon this weekend.

well, the dvd (and the tv for that matter) stayed off the entire weekend. but it wasn't cause i was crazy busy. it was cause i got myself a new book.

let's just say that this was my ... erm ... present(?) to myself. yes, i know i'd gotten myself way too many presents already. but this is a present to my brain which has sorely deteriorated over my (unadmitted) addiction to watching keeping up with the kardashians while preparing for work.

{new book}
halfway through already ☺ yay!

yesterday was admittedly bad - i had to resort to coffee to keep myself awake while doing a lecture. yes, i know i was the one doing the lecture but i was crazy sleepy (see first pic for reason why) and there must have been a couple of times where i was blabbering without making much sense. thank goodness it was about the law. keeping my fingers crossed that my students just thought that it wasn't me that wasn't making sense but the fact that the law is complicated! #wishkolang

for some reason, i woke up before six this morning. future SIL and i were planning a trip to divi (i asked her to go with me. uy, progress!) but last night i wasn't feeling so well and with practice scheduled from 2 to 5 in the afternoon, all i wanted to do was to catch up on my laundry while watching dvds. but future SIL pointed out that the more i postpone this, the worse the crowds are going to get. so we went.

and then i saw this. made me laugh. i just had to take a picture. i mean if you were in my place, wouldn't you?

{things that make me smile at divisoria #anodaw}
the original plan really was to get christmas decors. i was green with envy when my friend from work said that she was able to get 2 garlands, 1 5ft tree, and an abundance of decorations for P1,700 from new divisoria mall. I WANT.

but then KEf pointed out that (1) i have way too many stuff already (2) i don't really need new decors and (3) will i be actually putting up decorations anyway. yep, he always has a point.

but i still wanted to check out goodies and do some christmas shopping so off we went.

i said no more kitty stuff, no more, no more. then i ended up getting these ...

{kitty fan! finally!!!}
i had wanted the kitty fan since last year but i couldn't really justify getting it. i mean, where would i use it? i told my friends i wanted it for christmas but since we never went back as a group, they never had the chance to get it for me (and yeah, i change my mind about what i want every so often). but the lady gave me a good deal (at least i didn't mind paying what i paid for it) and i am having the most horrible hot flashes (no, i'm not menopausal yet, it's the medicine!!!), i figured, i NEEDED a kitty fan on my desk to keep me cool. #bolahinmoangsarilimo

{yet another tissue holder, i know}

and this! how can you walk away from this adorable-ness? impossible i tell you.

{first batch of presents!}
in spite having failed at self-restraint, i did manage to tick some items off my christmas list and buy presents for some people. and, true to form, buying was only half the fun -- the other half was finding the perfect packaging and wrapping them up. seeing my friends' reactions when they open the present would the cherry on top of the ice cream.

inspired by my idol, isabel gatuslao, i decided i was going to go a step further this year and try my hand at making my own wrappers. they weren't perfect, but my excuse is that they're meant to be rustic.

{feeling creative}
i mean, they aren't so bad, right?

got a couple more hours left of today. after the gift-wrapping brouhaha, my kitchen's a mess, and i've to fix the powerpoint slides, take a quick shower to wash off the divi smell, and run off to PCJ. till the next instagram update!

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