Wednesday, November 28, 2012

why i love my job

ive said it often enough in the past. i love my job.

so i loved being a court attorney ... until someone told me i needed to get litigation experience. so i did.

and i loved being a "real" lawyer (doing what people generally feel lawyers should be doing - appearing in court, wearing a suit, having clients)  ... until i realized i'm that kind of person who can't really be passionate over something she didn't believe in. and, when you're in litigation, there will always be that one case you don't believe in. 

so, i obeyed tita celia and finally did corp work ... until the salary, the mean girls at work, and certain issues forced me to rethink my options.

thankfully i got this job. i think it's my forever job.

while some of my friends aren't very happy with the compensation, i'm fine with it (although i won't say no to an increase, haha!). i'm happy with the perks. i'm glad they (partially) gave me diego. 

and i'm happy too with the non-compensation aspect of it - my work friends are amazing, my boss is beyond amazing, the job is challenging, and it's so easy to get to the office even on coding days.

then there are the perks. the yahoo omg awards. the nba-pba all star game. then it got better: cirque du soleil's saltimbanco.

last monday was the best: lower box tickets to watch this:

{actually, no caption needed!}
heart was in front of us. directly behind me was cristalle belo. ruffa and her family were two rows behind us.

and J.Lo. ... i could actually see J.Lo (which isn't what i could say for all the other concerts i've watched in the past!)

{believe me when i say my view was much better than this pic}
while sen. miriam santiago claimed otherwise, i'd like to think it was one of the most amazing concerts i've ever watched. she was THAT good.

just check out the last part of her opening number.

i would've uploaded more, except you'd hear me singing and that's one of the most horrible things in the universe. promise.

so thank YOU to the kind people over at HOME who sent my boss tickets. and thank you to my boss for giving me the tickets. i know  you don't read this blog, but YOU are amazing. 

2 said hello!:

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Didn't we go to a JLo concert before?

roxy said...

that was beyonce :)

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