Thursday, March 25, 2010

this is what i had for lunch

let me explain.

this morning, i realized that all my black flats had gone to heaven and died.

seriously. they were in various stages of death.

and i had a hearing. at 8:30 am. in QC.

so i said, i'll pick the one which has a little life in it left. i got in the car and went to my 6am mass.

as i walked to the church from the parking lot, it felt like there was something wrong with my shoes. but when i checked, they seemed okay. so i thought, maybe it was just me.

when i walked from the church to the car, there it was again, but i checked, and again it seemed okay.

it wasn't the same though when i got to the office. it was falling apart. so i changed into my "emergency shoes" underneath my desk. enough to get me through the hearing, but definitely not through the entire day. you see, the reason why those shoes were underneath my desk was because i had to buy emergency shoes the last time i wore them cause the glue was coming apart.

i think glue coming apart is the hazard of a warm house + not wearing certain pairs of shoes often enough + old age.

anyway, i did have the office utility person rugby my shoes together but we all know that once shoes have been "rugbied" together you can't trust them anymore.

i know i can't. i've had way too many disasters.

so during lunch - i ate a late breakfast after i got back from the hearing - i went to galleria, decided i was going to buy a pair of black flats, and finally rid myself of dead and dying shoes at home.

of course, there were an entire slew of flats that cause my attention - orange ones, fuchsia ones, studded ones. and i thought of getting them all, especially since i was wearing a black dress and they'd all go with my outfit. then i realized that i had an entire rainbow of flats at home and the only reason why i wasn't able to wear them was that i was going a white and black tweed blazer to the hearing. would i want to have the exact same problem again a month or two from now?

an animal print in black and white at aldo with kitten heels would've been perfect except that i still wanted the price to go further down. i am kuripot that way.

so i went to happy feet where i got my last pair of super perfect ballet flats, hoping that again, they'd have black ballet flats on sale. and they did. and so i bought.

and that's why i'm hungry now but wearing perfect shoes.

p.s. i am reminded of a conversation g and i once had, and how she commented that rachel alejandro, when she was still in that's entertainment, wore black flats with everything, believing they went with, well, everything. at that time i couldn't really comment, so i just nodded. you see, i couldn't admit to her that like rachel alejandro, and my major love for shoes notwithstanding, i too believe that black flats go with everything.

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