Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's a very happy birthday ... uhm, day?

it's crazy how many important people in my life celebrate their birthday today.

okay, it's just four, plus a high school classmate. but still. how often do you have four people close enough to you that you actually know their birthdays celebrate their birthday on the same date?

me - just 25 march.

first. tito lito - the husband of my beloved tita mayu. tito lito is the coolest uncle i have. when we were kids, he used to save his baon to bring goldilocks polvoron whenever he'd visit tita mayu. he had to save his baon to get those, so whenever my brother and i would tell tita mayu we want polvoron too she'd tell us, "you have to finish that, and if you can't you give it to me na lang." that's how much she loved him. and knowing the sacrfices he made to buy the polvoron, that's how much he loved her too.

tito lito picked us up from cabanatuan that summer my mom and dad were both away, and we were too bored in cabanatuan already. tita mayu's house (or actually, lola terry's house) was (and still is) cool. it had a bathtub and when i was a kid, a bathtub was the next best thing to a swimming pool.

tito lito woke up early four sundays of the bar to bring me to la salle. it didn't matter that i wasn't his kid, nor that i wasn't even a blood relative. and it didn't matter that i'm not even tita mayu's niece, just a malayong kamag-anak. he was there to make sure i didn't panic, that i got to the gates when i wanted to get there (he wasn't like "agahan natin" or "masyadong maaga"), and that i didn't have a thing to worry about except getting the answers correct.

tito lito is a fabulous husband and a sweet father and, to me, the coolest uncle. and if i have a choice, i'd want someone like him too. he's just that great, and i am blessed i get to call him my "adoptive father".

second. dek is my "guardian brother". i call him gb. it began when he kept telling me stuff: eat breakfast. eat lunch. drink lots of water. stop texting while driving. and, while i'd generally be irritated with someone as "involved" as he was, he did it in the nicest way possible that i couldn't help but appreciate all the things he'd do for me. i'm lucky i met him - he was so taray, i was so friendly that he just had no choice but to be friends with me too. hehehe.

thanks for the gentle reminders, the pictures, the text messages and phone calls, and always, always being my gb. promise, i'll bring you to s&r and make you libre pizza.

third. anto is my super shopping buddy. the first day we met, i already got to drag her to buy a cellphone with me. and that was just day one. thousands of pesos later, we're closer than ever. she's a sabado girl, the person who learns stuff last cause i'm "scared" of her. she's my kunsensiya, almost like, if i can't tell anto about this, then i shouldn't be doing it at all.

anto has seen me happy and sad, first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, laughing and crying, sober and drunk ... and things are still the same between us. i just don't expect her to say "i love you" ... except she did, on my birthday, cause i've been bugging her about it already.

and, last, alex. enchanted kingdom. anything cheese. and that purple (violet? blue?) sando on top of a white shirt. galing kumanta, okay sumayaw, walang kwenta mag-park (joke!). i can't even remember now how you and i became friends, but thanks for the memories we shared when you were still here ... sana madagdagan pa!

i don't know if any of the foregoing people, except alex maybe, will get to read this post. still, it doesn't hurt to write all those stuff down. just so that they'll know they count. a lot.

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