Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i will "secret" this

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i have been reading chuvaness' blog so much the past couple of days (or has it been a week already???) that i'm picking up on her language (sadly, without the same finesse and style). see, whenever she wants something, she uses the principles behind the secret on it to ensure that she will get the thing she wants soooo badly.

she did it so many times (on a condo even) and has gotten the thing she wanted all the time that i think i will "secret" this phone too.

two stories:

1) i volunteer for tuloy sa don bosco, and during one volunteer's anniversary (it was in 2008 i think), fr. rocky asked us all to watch "the secret". at the end of the movie (show?) he asked us to form groups and share what we thought of it, the things we want to "secret" and other things. i remember kidding how i'll envision an engagement ring on my left hand, with me doing the requisite raise-the-left-hand-to-look-at-imaginary-engagement-ring-sparkling-in-the-sun pose but i never really took it seriously.

2) when i passed the bar and my dad came home, i was able to cajole him into buying me a phone i didn't need so we'll be "matching" and he said yes and so, for the first time in years, i got a phone not from greenhills and i loved it until a year later, it started to be difficult in that certain keys became horribly difficult to press. i had it repaired thrice - the first time in nokia care where they just reformatted it (boo!) and the second and third times in tektite where the problem would go away for a bit and return again. i tried having it fixed at st. francis square where - weirdly - they told me that they can't fix it unless it's really sira, meaning the keys totally don't function anymore. now, what good is that kung sira na talaga eh ngayon pa lang hirap na hirap na ako.

anyway, the secret + sira phone = i want this phone. i have an e63 which it totally love but i can't use it while driving (shhh... i text and drive) and so i want a normal phone i can use while i'm behind the wheel. life's safer that way, believe me. i will totally "secret" it, day and night, night and day.

then again, maybe someone could just buy me the phone. hello, santa claus. after all, it does feel like christmas in the mornings.

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