Wednesday, March 24, 2010

chilly mornings

since i've yet to fork out the money to buy an airconditioner for my bedroom (the same bedroom i've used since i was a first year high school student and it wasn't that hot yet), not to mention the fact that getting an aircon will mean having someone make a hole on the wall, install the aircon, and fix my house's wiring, i'm stuck with an electric fan. now, i'm pretty much cowboy about things like this - there are times when it gets too hot and i tell myself i MUST must buy an aircon soon, but it usually passes, and before you know it, it's cold once more and i'm okay.

after all, i haven't even gotten around to buying a flat screen and the tv i'm using is even older than the house i'm living in right now.

anyway, back to topic.

no aircon = sleeping with an electric fan and no matter how many people say it's bad and no matter how cool the weather gets, i like having the fan "steady", hitting me full blast. when it's cold, i just don pajamas, get an extra thick blanket, and i'm good, and when it's warm, more often than not, it's just an oversized shirt and undies, no blanket, good luck to me sleeping in ultra warm weather. it's been that way for years and so far, i'm good, i've survived, and i'm thinking i can survive yet another summer.

when i heard about the el nino news i was bracing myself for the major heatwave, especially at night. i knew that meant looking for the most "manipis" white shirts in my closet, the most "maluwag", the most comfortable if i'm going to get any sleep. i tucked away the comforter, even told myself i can do away with the blanket for the next couple of months. i was ready for warm and i am going to get my sleep, burning temperatures notwithstanding.

the freaky thing though is that the last couple of mornings, i've had to turn down the fan, get a blanket, and even don pajamas. it was actually cold! last night, i must've woken up several times - to turn down the fan, to change sleeping outfits, and to cover myself with a thicker blanket. it's almost like christmas season once more.

i don't know if this is due to the coming storm, or if it's simply a sign of how berserk our weather is nowadays. i'm not complaining - chilly nights are lovely, IMHO. but seriously, i think this is a sign that we all need to start doing something about the environment.

me, i've basically given up drinking straws for the last ten years (after i heard how they can add up). i try to refuse plastic bags as much as i can, like when i'm just buying chippy from 7-11, or when the girl from the cafeteria double bag things (paper bag THEN plastic bag). i've still to get into the habit of bringing reusable bags with me when i shop (i got two last christmas and they're just at home, i keep forgetting to put them in my bag). so far, i've taken teeny tiny baby steps. i think it's about time i take giant steps.

p.s. the shawl has nothing to do with the post, except that i want to put a picture up and shawls = chilly weather. i saw that yesterday and got it, hoping to give it to tita mayu if she'll like it. it's a bit too bright for her, i'm thinking, so if she doesn't want it, it's mine. cause, after all, it IS chilly.

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