Monday, January 01, 2007

it is when the skies are its darkest that you see the stars

2006 wasn't the best year. i flunked the bar and had to take it again, i gained weight only part of which i've lost so far, and my house, well, my house has grown messier with each passing day. with the sole exception of finally buying a shoe cabinet, i don't think i was able to do anything in my list of new year's resolution for the year.

i was watching a rerun of one tree hill when i heard the line i typed above. and, when i thought about it, i realized that while 2006 may have been far from being my ideal year, 2006 brought me things i would never have imagined happening to me in the years past. for one, i've joined lingkod, gained a whole lot of friends, and learned the value of being good friends with women. and because of that, i was able to establish a deeper friendship with keith - who just happens to be millions of miles away but is every much the little sister i see her to be - and i was able to rekindle ties with my cousin who i stopped talking to when she turned 18 - or twelve years ago. my family is slowly coming together once more. and me, well, i'm learning to be more and more comfortable in being me.

same time last year, i though 2006 would be so different from the way it actually turned out. but looking back, i guess i wouldn't have it any other way. ok fine, i would have wanted to pass the bar and become a lawyer in the process, but really, even at that moment i realized that i had lessons to learn, and hopefully, i learned them all.

welcome, 2007. i may not have started off on the right foot (i took the wrong exit at the expressway and ended up being calamba-bound instead of alabang-bound and had to take the next exit to go back the proper direction) and i sorta do not plan to do anything that productive on the first day of the year (well, unless you count lounging in bed the entire day productive), but as i've always said in the years past, bring it on!
*i know the picture has nothing to do with the post save for the fact that i took it new year's eve. that's me and my only female cousin on the dad's side - not the same cousin i was talking about earlier. greetings from us to you!

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