Tuesday, January 02, 2007

100 75 things i wouldn't mind the world knowing about me*

1. i have a tendency to name my worldly possessions.
2. as you all probably know, my car's name is spike.
3. spike cause of all of buffy's boys, i love spike the most.
4. no, i am not a buffy fan.
5. which makes it hard to explain why i named my ipod mini "buffy".
6. if i remember correctly, i named it buffy so that it would go with spike.
7. and my laptop's name is ben.
8. no, there's no reason why it's named ben.
9. except probably for the fact that we nicknamed one of my brother's exes "ben".
10. ben, well, that's a private joke shared with my mom and brother.
11. i can eat kfc every single day of my life, morning, noon, and night.
12. i'm allergic to chicken. really allergic.
13. do i still eat kfc? yes. that's why they made medicine.
14. and no, i don't care if one tablet of that medicine costs as much as a kfc meal. i'd still rather eat kfc and risk an allergic reaction than give up kfc altogether.
15. i always order one piece original recipe, breast part, with rice.
16. and gravy. lots and lots of gravy.
17. come to think of it, i like chicken anything.
18. except max's chicken.
19. and chicken goes with gravy, not ketchup.
20. which probably explains why i don't like max's.
21. i love buffets.
22. i attack them in this order: (a) a little bit of everything that looks good, (b) dessert, (c) salad, if there's bacon bits, (d) soup, and (e) everything else i might regret not having once the feeling of fullness has passed away.
23. and breakfast buffets? i love them too.
24. i am of the opinion that a breakfast buffet without bacon shouldn't be called a breakfast buffet at all.
25. i love mint.
26. especially mint with chocolate.
27. most especially mint with dark chocolate.
28. i love mint and chocolate so much that i tried out nail tropics' minty chocolate (or was it chocolate minty?) foot spa. clearly i don't mind where the mint goes.
29. despite my love for anything mint, i'm one of those people who don't carry mints with her.
30. i love the color pink.
31. and i love it with apple green.
32. but i've thought about this real hard and have decided that no, my wedding colors aren't going to be pink and green.
33. it's going to be pink and orange.
34. yes, i know they're dunkin donuts colors.
35. no, i don't mind that my wedding's going to look like it's been sponsored by dunkin.
36. and no again, i do not have anyone i'm going to marry yet.
37. i do know who i hope it's going to be.
38. i've accepted the fact that it's never going to be the pilot.
39. or any of my exes for that matter.
40. i thought i was going to get married at 25.
41. clearly that did not even remotely happen.
42. my cousin got married in 2006. my other cousin has declared that 2007 is going to be her year. she has likewise ordered me to get married in 2008.
43. i am hoping the boy gets the hint by then.
44. at the rate the boy and i am going, i am not holding my breath. i might die from the lack of oxygen.
45. i don't smoke.
46. i don't drink. well, i don't regularly go out drinking.
47. in fact, the first and last time i got drunk was when i turned 29.
48. in lieu of smoking and drinking, i shop.
49. my favorite mall is sm.
50. really.
51. i don't like mall of asia though.
52. i don't mind spending a lot of money on shoes.
53. i once spent my 13th month pay on a pair of shoes.
54. i've worn that pair of shoes a grand total of two times.
55. i usually leave my unwanted pair of shoes outside my house. they disappear within an hour.
56. i pray that they end up being worn by someone who loves them as much as i do.
57. i love shoes more than i love bags.
58. that doesn't stop me from acquiring quite a number of bags though.
59. i cannot fit all my bags in my closet.
60. for that matter, neither can all my shoes fit in my shoe closet.
61. neither of those things will prevent me from acquiring more though.
62. i've been told it's an addiction.
63. i've accepted that yes, i am addicted.
64. until they come up with shoe-a-holics anonymous and bag-a-holics anonymous, i guess i am going to have to live with my addiction.
65. my addiction may be fueled by the fact that a dear friend got me two wishing bracelets: one was "i wish i had more shoes" and the other one "i wish i had more purses".
66. this may be morbid but i've instructed my friends to make sure that when they put me in a casket, i have to have shoes on my feet.
67. yes, i know it's bad luck.
68. no, i don't care.
69. i can type without looking at the keyboard.
70. that means i type fast. really fast.
71. i still talk faster than i type though.
72. and i think know i talk a lot.
73. talking a lot gets me in trouble.
74. so much trouble that i was the only one in the pilot class whose conduct was A+.
75. i think it was A-

*hey, at least i had lofty goals! maybe soon i can add more. or maybe YOU can add more.

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