Thursday, January 18, 2007

last christmas, my brother's girlfriend of two months gave me a beautiful bag. there was a huge part of me that didn't want to accept it at first especially since it was quite a "huge" gift to get from someone who i did not only just recently met but someone i wasn't even friends with. but, in the end, it was a gift and i accepted it graciously and used it as much as i could. as i said, it was a beautiful bag.

with the sole exception of the zipper (it fails to "slide" nicely. every time i open it i'm in for a struggle), i never had any problems with the bag. that is, until today. first the strap snapped. fine, i fixed the button the connects the strap to the bag and it was as good as new. less than five minutes later, one of the rivets holding the bag strap hook snaps. this was a bit more complicated that just buttoning it back on but, well, i was able to "fix" it. by the end of the night, both rivets holding the right side has snapped open and unless i was very careful, the strap would fly off my shoulder and the bag would drop on the floor without any warning.

funny how this had to happen exactly ONE day after the girl sent me a text message informing me that my brother had broken up with her. i don't know if she jinxed the bag or something but inexplicably, the bag IS falling apart and there is no way that i will use it any time soon without making mr. quickie check each and every rivet holding the bag together.

oh well.

incidentally, if i had a car - like i generally do - this wouldn't really be much of a problem. today, though, is coding day for me which means no car. add to that the fact that my cousin invited me for coffee at shangri-la mall and that i scheduled dinner with my old ua&p friends means that for the first time in years, i found myself commuting home from shaw boulevard. reminds me of the time i was rosa, the busrider. apparently, though, things have changed. whereas commuting home at midnight (yes, midnight!) used to be something that we'd do on a weekly basis, it turns out that it's as dangerous as hell nowadays(i used to believe there's a force that protects girls like me who are deathly scared of riding cabs and takes edsa buses at midnight!). so i ended up being fully awake on the trip (yes, i almost always sleep on the bus) and my hands were busy holding the offending rivets of my bag (lest it burst open in the middle of wherever) and every minute i was scared crazy that i wouldn't be able to send that fateful "i'm home, thanks!" message to vanessa.

well, clearly i made it home, "falling-apart-bag" notwithstanding.

obviously, there is a force that protects crazy girls like me.

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