Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i'm blogging just so that i'll have an online reminder that tonight happened to be one of the most wonderful nights in recent (rosa) history.

okay, so i've said basically the same thing in the past but, really, when the guy you've been praying for takes you out to dinner, won't you think it's the most wonderful night too?


the entire evening was too special and the boy, truly special that i want to spare the internet world of all my gushing and probably spare him too the shock of finding my intense like for him plastered all over online. countless times in the past i never hesitated in sharing everything (well, almost everything) on this blog. but then i realized that i do believe in what i told g - when something is truly special, you'd want nothing more than to keep the details all to yourself.

so there. no details for the meantime. just me giddily sharing that i'll probably love paella until the day i die.

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