Sunday, January 07, 2007

how to have the worst first weekend of 2007

first, start off with having absolutely nothing planned, save for a party that you've lost all enthusiasm for. spend the entire saturday in bed, catching up on much-needed sleep and basically to forget the fact that you might finally get those donuts from your biggest crush.

by 6:00 in the evening, lose all hope that the donuts will ever materialize. force one's self to get ready for aforementioned party so as not to make weekend a loss. then, upon receiving text message from donut person telling you he forgot all about donuts and it's too late, maybe tomorrow na lang, hit forehead in drama queen fashion and repeat to self "stop wanting this boy, stop wanting this boy, stop wanting this boy" until you finally convince yourself that no amount of chanting will change the fact that you are absolutely enamoured with this and might remain so disposed for the next couple of months still.

change plans for evening once you get a text message telling you that some friends are planning on watching the pyro olympics, would you care to join them? regret agreeing once all of you are stuck in traffic at coastal road.

regret it so much more after you end up hitting a cab and having a shouting match with cab driver. on principle, refuse to pay cab driver and demand that you will let your insurance deal with everything. spend the entire night driving to police station, getting everything fixed, and then attempting to go back to mall of asia to return to your friends. accept the fact that the only fireworks you witnessed that night was the shouting match between you and the cab driver.

how to have what might possibly be the best weekend of 2007

after hitting said cab, your friends end up calling donut guy who, after forgetting to bring you donuts, headed to mall of asia to watch pyro olympics with your common friends. be genuinely surprised that donut guy was voted unanimously by everyone to accompany you to police station as you are not equipped to have a non-shouting conversation with cab driver. allow donut guy to take care of everything, including paying for the photocopying of your license and car registration. also, allow donut guy to cheer you back into "happy mood" all the way back to mall of asia.

on sunday, go to mass and schedule a one-on-one with someone who will set your priorities straight, part of which includes her telling you to please stop thinking about donut guy. accede to her wishes knowing that it'll be best for your sanity.

when you get home, heat pizza and decide to finish the last of your newly-purchased books. be genuinely surprised when donut guy texts you asking your whereabouts and proposing that you two finally go get the donuts. spend the next couple of hours driving from las pinas to the fort, chatting as you have three donuts each, and driving back home. smile even bigger if donut boy gives you presents - well, not really presents but corporate give-aways which you secretly love getting.


so, i love spike and the fact that the right rear bumper has paint now chipping off hurts me a lot. but after all that came out of said cab-bumping experience, i've accepted the fact that while damage to bumper is a cloud that definitely dampened my weekend, said cloud was obliterated by the silver lining that went with it.

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