Sunday, May 08, 2005

thank you for teaching me about wearing good underwear even when i was too young to care.

thank you for allowing me to have as many shoes as i can have, simply because i'm a girl and you understand all about girls and stilettos and pretty shoes.

thank you for taking me to the parlor for my first manicure and pedicure, and for reminding me to have my toes cleaned before wearing sandals in public.

thank you for teaching me how to make lists for everything - clothes to bring on vacation, money spent on things, and everything else.

thank you for proving to me that it is possible for women to drive better than men.

thank you for trusting my sense of direction and for allowing me to explore the streets of manila with you.

thank you for teaching me all about clinique make-up, steaming my face after washing it, and using ice cubes to close the pores afterwards.

thank you for taking me to the dentist (and actually teaching me to love the dentist) and for making sure i have lovely teeth.

thank you for allowing me to have my sense of style, for allowing me to choose what i wanted to wear, even if i actually looked like a dork sometimes.

thank you for being honest with me about things that were usually to taboo for moms to discuss with their daughters.

you're a million miles away from me right now, and i know i've resented you for some decisions you have made in the past. but there's no other mom that will come close.

i love you, mama.

happy mother's day.

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