Monday, May 23, 2005

ten steps to getting over that effing depression you couldn't shake off

again, picture has nothing to do with post but that cute girl smiling in front of the camera? that's my FAVORITE cousin-in-law1. complain, then go to mass. make a deal with god (yes, that's biblical. i learned that somewhere) that if he gives you peace, you'll stay single for a while (not like that will be relevant to him, but hey, if it works...)

2. go to sleep early (to avoid crying your eyes out again).

3. wake up early -- apparently for no reason except cause you slept early. then decide NOT to go to work. that's always a sure way of making you smile.

4. spend the day in bed with a book. alternate between reading and sleeping. concentrate on avoiding any form of work or studying in general.

5. sleep early (cause you woke up early, remember?)

6. wake up at ten, read messages on phone, smile over the fact that a friend is asking for a get-together that HE WILL PAY FOR, call (because he doesn't have a cellphone) a guy you dated way way before and actually ended up being friends with and ask if he wants to come. while doing that, sort of incorporate in the conversation that you will be going to a children's party and would he want to come too?

7. if free get-together doesn't push through, still go to birthday party with guy you dated before and actually ended up being friends with. now this will be strategic because what does one actually do in a birthday party where the only people she knows are the parents of the kid and no one else.

8. proceed on to spend the next 26 and a half hours (yes, that's more than one day) with the guy you formerly dated and actually ended up being friends with. enjoy Ü

9. wait for aunt's text message inviting you for dinner at dampa. go to dinner at dampa.

10. since you're always the responsible person who books most of your aunt's kikay affairs, be part of her spa trip by calling the spa for her, booking her and her friends for treatments, and joining them for their treatments. make sure she pays for aromatherapy head and shoulder massage and peppermint foot scrub.

now, the possibility of all of these things happening all in the same weekend is next to impossible but that's what happened to my weekend and these are the reasons why somehow i am able to say that happy days are here again. isn't life lovely?

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