Friday, May 13, 2005

reasons to enjoy being single

1. you don't have to account to anyone regarding your whereabouts, who you're with, and what the hell you did to your hair.

2. if ever brad pitt comes to the philippines and decides he wants a filipina instead of angelina jolie, you can date him, without the guilt.

3. since you don't have to text and call anymore (and you do realize that it's mostly your bf you text and call most of the time) your phone bill shrinks to previously unknown proportions.

4. you have less wrinkles cause you don't worry if sun cellular decides to NOT have a signal in your room, or if sun decides NOT to send your message, or decides NOT to be able to call smart numbers or even if sun cuts your line. why? see number 3.

5. you lose weight because:
a. you don't have an appetite;
b. even if you have an appetite, there's no one to go eat out with;
c. you feel the need to be hot and sexy just in case you see each other again and you want him to realize what a dork he's been.

6. all of a sudden, every single song on the radio is something YOU can relate with, especially all those ella mae saison songs.

7. you realize you have a wide range of emotions. whereas previously you were stuck in happy and content mode, now you have anger, bitterness, loneliness, pain, sorrow, melancholy, and a whole lot more.

8. and because there's so emotion running through your veins, you have so much more blog material.

and why in spite of this you still don't enjoy being single ...

... because you're a dork and you still miss someone you actually wanted to break up with before he broke up with you.

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