Tuesday, May 17, 2005

on the nth hottest day of summer, i was living in the lap of luxury

view from the door of the bathroomsaturday (or was it sunday?), according to the news, turned the philippines into a preview of hell when the temperature rose to 37.9. that's only one degree to go before the school nurse will send you home for fever. that's hotter than your base body temperature. that's something that would have bothered me had i been holed up in my room again, desperately trying to concentrate on wage orders while trying to ignore the fact that i am still quite stupidly thinking of my ex.

however, i wasn't at home. and, while i wasn't desperately trying to concentrate on wage orders, i was able to push the thought of ex boyfriend out of my head. apprently, all it takes is a lovely room in shangri-la.

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